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Collection Curation

Helping you build your dream collection

Here at Tempo & Time we’re well aware that a watch collection says a lot about its owner. Often taking years to build, a carefully acquired collection can represent a long, costly and very personal journey through the wonders that horology and fine timepieces have to offer.

Having started our own collections as late teens, we take pride in every watch we have owned over the years. From a small vintage dress piece to a modern sports model, whether holding high sentimental or investment value, each watch tells its own story; offering a unique satisfaction when sitting on its owner’s wrist.

With our Collection Curation service, we work closely with our clients to help them build their desired collection. Whether it be a diverse array of watches, varying in value, age, function and style, or a robust stockpile of luxury assets that will show healthy appreciation over time, we apply our many years of watch industry expertise to each client’s individual needs.

While researching and collecting watches yourself can be a fascinating and exciting venture, it can also be a very time-consuming pastime that requires a deep understanding of luxury timepieces and market knowledge in order to find the highest quality and condition watches for the best prices.

Fortunately, with our wide-reaching domestic and international networks of collectors and dealers, we make the sourcing process much simpler, giving our clients access to an abundance of rare, limited timepieces.

Whether personalised toward your bespoke preferences and tastes or optimised purely for investment, allow us to curate your dream collection today.

Bespoke Collection

For personalised collections, our team can help collectors develop their themes by recommending pieces and sharing its collective knowledge. For vintage watches of specific models, ages and condition, for example, our team will advise and source according to the client’s distinct requirements.

Investment Collection

Luxury timepieces make an ideal alternative investment vehicle, with significant increases in value available across many high-end brands; with rare vintage pieces, limited editions and decommissioned models yield particularly healthy returns.

Click here to read our Investment Guide blog on our top five insider investment tips and a breakdown on what have been the industry’s best performers in recent years.

In return for curating a client’s ideal collection, Tempo & Time receives its typical brokerage fee on any trades made and/or an annual fee designed to cover administration, collection advice and valuation, plus a minimum of two face-to-face consultations per year.

For more information call us on +44 (0) 207 416 6743 or email us at