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The Tudor Renaissance

Despite being close to a century old, Tudor has succeeded in capturing the millennial market. The secret? High-octane marketing and reinvention.

When it comes to learning how to seize attention and build a name, Lady Gaga is the one to learn from. The American singer-songwriter is certainly a deft hand at creating public personas while remaining a master of reinvention.

Having carefully fashioned a uniquely bold, glamorous and ever-evolving image, she has remained at the peak of cultural superstardom for years. And one luxury watch brand that has recently taken a similar approach to daring reinvention is Rolex sister company, Tudor.
No doubt going all out to capture the imagination of millennials, Tudor’s recent ‘Born To Dare’ campaign pushes all the right marketing buttons: cool, confident, cutting edge and filled with A-list celebrity name-drops.

David Beckham, Jay Chou and yes, Lady Gaga, among others, have all been recruited since 2017. In an era where mobile devices are replacing watches, Tudor needed a salvo – and these are the faces that will attract the young and aspirational.

David Beckham

“We keep the best of the past. The best watchmaking practices, the best designs. And push the boundaries of what’s new,” reads a statement by Tudor on its website, neatly summing up the current campaign.
“The wearers of a Tudor today are not so very different to those of the past. They are people with unconventional attitudes. People with ambition. People who are willing to pursue their passions – no matter where they take them.”

As it is, the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, created Tudor as a watch brand for those who live for adventure. So it is only apt that it has now emerged as the edgy, hip sibling between the two.
The last time Tudor had an ambassador was when it signed the then up-and-coming golfer Tiger Woods in 1997. Long before that (1952, to be exact) it was a team of scientists on an expedition to Greenland who helped push the brand ethos.

Early Tudor advert

Yet, the current ‘Born To Dare’ campaign is not all about brand identity. Tudor continues to boast a great number of high-spec watches that are buzzworthy. The Heritage Black Bay ‘Harrods Special Edition’ (below) is one very good example. Released in November last year, the watch caused quite a stir – namely for the iconic design, and the fact that it was only available at Harrods’ Fine Watch Room. Another clever marketing move, as exclusivity is a big thing among the younger crowd.

Tudor’s 2018 Baselworld releases, on the other hand, were seen to capitalise on popularity. The Black Bay family welcomed three GMT models (below) that looked striking similar to the coveted red-and-blue Rolex ‘Pepsi’ that first launched in 1954.

The brand paid tribute to the need to stay stylish too, with a new classic line for women and men. Named after its founding year, the 1926 collection offers a range of mechanical watches with refined finishes that denote nouveau sophistication.

With a growing range of stylish timepieces that honour tradition and heritage while taking confident, contemporary strides, Tudor look to continue giving the luxury watch industry a much needed shake up.

Words by PY Cheong

Both the Black Bay ‘Harrods Special Edition’ and Black Bay GMT are available to purchase here at Tempo & Time, click here for further info.

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